Commercial Hotels


Holidays are the best occasions for friends and family members to come together. A time to explore, de-stress and enjoy, it is made all that more special when staying in a beautiful hotel. Vacationers tend to prefer hotels that have well-maintained walls and floors, as it gives a natural air of quality and efficiency. If these walls and floors are made of natural stone, it lends class to the overall ambience, attracting the discerning guest.

But, the more popular a hotel is, the greater the footfall its lobbies, common areas and rooms see. The movement of trolleys and luggage is also greater. All this leaves marks and cracks on the floor, with continued neglect leading to permanent damage. It is important for any hotel to invest in regular care of its stone flooring and walls, which includes polishing and cleaning to bring back the natural gloss of the stone.

Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration excels in professional maintenance and cleaning of hotel stone floors. We offer services to restore, maintain, polish, repair and scale the lobby floors, elevators, bathrooms and other common areas, such as the reception and the restaurants – pretty much every part of the hotel where stone is used and wear and tear is likely. Palm Beach’s Breakers Hotel and Miami Beach’s Hotel Fontainebleau are just two of our many satisfied hotel customers.