Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing!

Concrete polishing isn’t one step, but a set of several processes that involve step-by-step techniques and a variety of tools that can collectively achieve top quality results, without the use of harsh chemicals.

Most of these polishing processes are similar to the wood sanding method, where a piece of wood is rubbed with sand paper to achieve smoothness. Here, concrete surface is grinded with abrasive segments, covered with diamond, offering the highest level of smoothness and shine. Another similarity to the wood sanding process is that you proceed from abrasives with smaller-sized grits to coarser grits. The final result of the entire process is a mirror-like appearance to the concrete.

Marble Pros Polishing & Restoration provides dry and wet methods of concrete polishing. Both methods have their own advantages. The more commonly used method in the industry these days is the dry polishing one as it is more convenient, offers faster results and is friendlier to the environment.

The key difference that the dry method has with the wet one is that the latter uses water for cooling of diamond abrasives and for collection of grinding dust. The water acts as a lubricant, reducing the amount of friction, which, in turn, improves the durability of the polishing abrasives. The only notable disadvantage in the wet method, apart from the fact that water may not be easily available everywhere, is that cleaning after the polishing process is more difficult. In the dry method, a system such as dust containment is used, which vacuums off the mess.

Here is how the team at Marble Pros Polishing & Restoration works on a concrete polishing job to make it a successful one. At first, we remove the coatings on the concrete floor. For this, we make use of tools that have diamond abrasives of 16-grit or 20-grit. These specifications are suitably aggressive for removal of rigid coatings. In the next step, we seal the joints and cracks with semi-robust grout or epoxy filler. This is followed by the grinding process, where we use a series of diamond-bonded metal abrasives, typically increasing from 30-grit through 40-grit, 80-grit and 150-grit.

After this, our team works on the concrete with a chemical hardener to leave it for densification. The surface is then polished with 100-grit, 200-grit, 400-grit and 800-grit diamond bonded with resin. If you need a perfectly reflective mirror-like floor, we finish off the concrete polishing process with an abrasive that has diamond bonded with resin of grit size from 1500-grits to 3000-grits. Apart from this, we also apply a protection guard over the concrete to help avoid absorption of stains, which helps in easy maintenance in the future.

Concrete polishing is a job that requires various techniques and skills. We, at Marble Pros Polishing & Restoration, have had an expertise in this area for over a decade now. Our commitment to completing each project in the most effective manner possible can be judged by the series of testimonials our team has received from past customers.

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