Concrete Staining!

An innovative technique, concrete staining is not an easy job to carry. You need to understand the basics, right from preparation of the surface with the finished sealing process. Professional specialists also come across a number of problems while staining the concrete. However, one of the best advantages of using a stained concrete is you can have a variety in the looks of your flooring by just using simple yet different application techniques. With these techniques the concrete floors do not have to be any longer grey.

Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration techniques for concrete staining offer a range of colors, pattern and textures that can enhance the beauty of your floor. The process consists of preparation, repairing, staining and coating. During the application process, we test the acid with the concrete that is already installed at your house or office. The sole reason to take this mock-up test is because each acid has can react differently to the concrete. Once we regard the floor with a positive outcome, we try different shades and ask you to pick the design that appeals your choice.

Next, the walls are coated with plastic so that none of the stains affect in any way or spill over the wall and damage them. Hence, we take perfect precautions in coating exposed item in the room. The application of the stain coats is completely dependent on the intensity of the pattern you have chosen. With respect to the intensity, we apply coats accordingly. After the application, we allow it to dry at room temperature. The surface is allowed to neutralize and any excessive amount of residue that is left behind on the floor is extracted. Once the surface is dried out, we apply a sealant that will protect the surface from any type of harmful absorptions.

The length of concrete staining process varies according to the texture that you have selected and the area. Usually, the team of Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration takes 3 to 4 days to complete the job successfully.

There are a number of advantages to opt for such stained concrete floors. They are easily maintained, economical, resistant to fire, durable and versatile. A completely different look is added to the room where you use the concrete staining process.

With Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration services, we offer a number of stains and work upon the floors as per the recommendations of customers. Pick up your phone and make a call to us now for receiving seamless polishing and restoration facilities. We are experts in this industry for over ten years now. Hence, we can guarantee that the services available with us are of the best quality and the techniques match with the latest trend of the market.

As we believe in integrity and a total customer satisfaction process, we help in giving start to end information about the process that we will be carrying out on your floor. For free demonstration or free quote for your requisites, logon to our website and fill the quick enquiry form or contact us via email or telephone.