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Q: Is the restoration and polishing of marbles a dusty and messy process?
A: Cleaning or restoring the conventional marbles is a messy and dusty process. However, our company does not allow it to reflect it at your house. The processes that we follow do not involve much of a dust and hence, leads us to maintain a clean environment at your home. To reduce the production of dust particles, we try making everything with the help of water.

Q: Is the furniture moved while polishing or working on the flooring section?
A: We do need to shift the belongings of your house but our team is always careful in shifting any of the things at your place such as tables and couches. Anything that is not built-in is properly taken care of. We try to avoid the furniture of your house from the restoration area. The current layout of the house is captured so that the furniture is kept at the right place after the floors are refurnished. However, we often request that small items or artifacts must be removed and shifted to somewhere safe before we arrive so that there is no damage and hindrances in the process.

Q: Can I have a quick quote for the job that I require to be worked upon? Will it be in the perfect window of my budget?
A: The estimate that we provide is not charged and is completely without any cost. The rates are competitive and can be easily fit into the budget.

Q: do I need to follow up your company for future maintenance after the current work is completed?
A: Theoretically, you need to fill a maintenance form if you need to carry forward the annual maintenance that includes sealing of the floor and its cleaning. If you opt for this service, you floors can typically look beautiful and resilient for longer period of time. Also, the stone longevity is increased to a tremendous extent. The stone is also worked upon daily and our company provides perfect information to you for taking utmost care of your marble. It includes cleaning with safe products and free from harmful chemicals.

Q:  Despite sealing, is there any likelihood that my marble and natural stone floor can get stained?
A: Marble and stone are damaged by substances like acids, caustics, alcohol, cleaning agents etc, which , on coming in contact with stone or marble, create dullness and blemishes on the stone. This causes etches and loss of sheen and gloss of the stone. Other agents like oils, ink , wine etc can create discoloration of the stone when they come in contact with stone and marble. These stains are stubborn to clean and occasionally may linger on despite restoration procedures.

Q: Can I maintain the beauty of my floor by simple techniques?
A: Yes, our team will advise you on your daily cleaning routine. We will also recommend safe and non acidic cleaners that can be used regularly to ensure the continued gloss and sheen of your stone floors and counters. We will also train you on the method of cleaning and maintenance of your floors. Our staff is ever ready to solve each and every doubt that may be troubling you.

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