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Marble Pro's Polishing & Restoration is a leading marble cleaning company in south east Florida which has for close to 20 years provided limestone Polishing services and other standard Cleaning services for natural stone surfaces. If Limestone does not get regular quality cleaning, it will lose its luster and erosion, or other permanent damages may occur.”

Limestone defined

This is a calcareous sedimentary rock that is formed due to the buildup of bones, shells, and other things rich in calcium at the bottom of seas and lakes. Limestone is made up of calcite (CaCO3). Organic sediments that settle at the bottom of seas and lakes are preserved as fossils. After a period that stretches over thousands of years, the fossils accumulate layer over layer and the weight increases over time. The weight causes pressure and heat, which induces a chemical reaction that causes the sediments to turn into limestone.

Limestone is a calcareous stone with calcium carbonate making up more than 95% of the mass. Due to its composition, limestone is very sensitive to acid; this includes the acid found in citrus fruits, vinegar, alcohol, and cleaning products. As such, limestone is not ideal for the kitchen, bars, and bathrooms. If exposed to the acids found in any of these, the limestone will react and it will lead to the stone etching or dulling. The stone might develop some odd spots or some funny rings. These damages can be rectified by expert services such as polishing and honing. Marble Pro's Polishing & Restoration. utilizes several top of the class techniques and products to remedy these issues.

Should limestone be Sealed, Is it durable?

Limestone has many varieties each varying in porosity, hardness, and density. Unlike other stones, limestone is not ideal for kitchen countertops that are used for cutting; this might damage the limestone surface. Some types of limestone are dense and hard and they can have a finishing where they are polished to have a surface that is shiny and glossy. However, there are some limestone types that cannot be treated and given this finish. Though limestone may appear and feel hardy, it is not ideal for rough treatment.

Limestone is usually quire porous and it will easily absorb many liquids. It should therefore be sealed often. Porosity varies between different types of limestone. Marble Pro's Polishing & Restoration. experts advise that you should clean and seal any limestone surface at least once a year to make sure that the limestone retains its glamour. Marble Pro's Polishing & Restoration experts can also apply the use of a color-enhancing sealing agent to amplify the rich colors on your stone surface and ingeniously change its look. If the limestone surface has suffered abrasion, or it has become worn, it might require some restoration before sealing is done.

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