Marble Restoration and Cleaning Services!

Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration is a specialist for all types of stone restoration work. With over 15 years of successful work in southeast Florida, Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration guarantees your stones a shine like never before.

We specialize in restoration of all types of stone – marble, travertine, granite, limestone, onyx or terrazzo. Need restoration of any stone? Think of Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration.

A beautiful home is a place to cherish. Small children and pets complete the ideal home environment – the sound of their feet on the stone floor is music to the ears and makes the home lively. But the movement of feet also wears away the beauty of the floor. Areas of your home that see higher traffic, like the kitchen and bathrooms, show early and quicker signs of wear and tear. Water droplets, acidic liquids and food crumbs – all produce stains that are hard to remove. Dull spots and abrasions, called etches, appear faster here than on the floor in other parts of your home. Although stone is very durable by nature, it needs to be cared for well so that its longevity is maintained. This is why stains, abrasions and etches need to be removed at the earliest before they can cause permanent damage to the stone.

Stone restoration is generally needed once every few years. With a little bit of extra care, the stone floor can be the center of attraction in any room. An annual professional servicing of your stone floor and marble surfaces will ensure that they stay beautiful and in pristine condition for a long time. In areas of low traffic, a quick cleaning and sealing may be sufficient, but some sections of the flooring may require more intense work through. This would ensure that any stubborn stains or heavy damage spots are permanently removed, well before they deteriorate and spread.

Whatever your stone restoration needs, think of Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration. We care for stone like no one else does!