Marble Polishing

Marble Polishing in Fort Lauderdale

Marble Polishing

For over 15 years, Marble Pros Polishing & Restoration has been engaged in polishing of marble as well as other natural stones and terrazzo surfaces. While seeking professional help for stone floor maintenance and repair, people invariably tend to misuse the term ‘polishing’. There are actually a wide range of processes available for cleaning, repairing and preserving natural stone.

Polishing involves making improvements to the current finish of a natural stone like marble. It alone is capable of enhancing the shine that the stone has in its present state. However, in most situations it is required only after some form of grating and/or sharpening treatment has been carried out. Typically, while polishing can be employed to preserve the current finish in case the stone is not damaged already, it is only a part of the overall process in improving the condition of the stone.

The polishing processes mentioned below are the two major types used by Marble Pros Polishing & Restoration:

  • Powder Polishing – This process is carried out using dry minerals as well as organic acids mixed with water in order to generate various levels of shine.
  • Diamond Polishing – Also known as ‘diamond honing’, this process involves an automatic technique where devices encrusted with diamonds are used to create different gradations of friction, producing a natural luster in the stone.

Processes for improving the stone’s shine

The processes and products mentioned below are low in cost and offer quick results. However, please be cautioned that these cannot be termed ‘polishing’. Waxing or crystallization is a process that involves the stone’s surface being covered with a fluid, and then polished and smoothened using steel wool and a polishing line. The heat generated from the steel wool, along with the wax, produces a quick sparkle.

Polishing of marble involves a process that helps bring back the sparkling nature of the stone.We implement techniques that do not require a great amount of expense from you. These are natural tricks and tips that can maintain the quality of the stone without damaging it.

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