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Mexican Tile

Mexican tiles are practical, functional and they provide aesthetic value. They are durable solutions for walls and other surfaces and they are easily maintained and cleaned. You can have Mexican tiles anywhere you prefer and they will provide quality elegance and warmth.

We supply the largest world selection of ceramic tiles that are handmade. These tiles are used for counters, backsplash, kitchen tile murals, for walls, and for stair risers. If you need the very best hand crafted mosaic tiles, mirrors, trims, or murals, we have various numerous selections.

We welcome you to check out our collection of original handcrafted and painted Mexican talavera tiles. These tiles are also known as Saltillo floor tiles, they include terracotta pavers, and they have a stark contrast to the white stucco facades and are a great marvel to look at. We have thousands of stock of Talavera Mexican tiles, moldings, trims, and Saltillo floor tiles which can be delivered on demand. Our aim is to provide you with an extraordinary selection of the very best Mexican tiles.

If you need something unique and special for a surface such as tiles for the bathroom, patio, or kitchen, you might want to consider our exquisite Mexican tiles. These tiles are also used in commercial complexes. The Mexican tiles we provide are hand crafted, hand painted, and hand glazed. The entire manufacturing process may take a whole two weeks depending on the weather since one has to sundry the tiles. The tiles we provide are handcrafted with old-world techniques and they are the most used terracotta floor tiles in the USA.

Handcrafted Mexican tiles are rustic by nature and they have variations in terms of size, texture, and color. Saltillo tiles have some minerals in them that might come off at some time.

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