Restoration Terrazzo Sealing!

It is rightly said that first impression is the only impression that imprints on every mind. For a business or a home, it is the first impression that will always count. Although the interior may not be your priority but glossy and shining floor is something that will always enhance the beauty of the room. Having such flooring is crucial and when you have an expert company like Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration in the town, there is no room for hesitation.

We offer a number of services out of which one is buffing. We buff the floor with the help of a floor buffer. This machine looks similar to the vacuum cleaner that we generally use to clean the floor. IT has a rotary scrubbing disc that works more or less like a sander. The machine can be pushed in a to and fro direction with a handle that is extended in the outward direction. The polishing and cleaning pads are attached to the bottom of the disc that rotates on the floor with a revolution of 1000 per minute.

Once we have set the floor buffer, our team of Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration starts with the process of floor buffing. We, at first, dust and sweep the floor to remove any dirt or grime that has swept in the room. The room is then moped to make it cleaner for carrying out the further procedure.

Depending upon the floor type, we choose the cleaning solution and the pad that can be attached to the bottom of the buffer. Each type of floor such as tile floors, hardwood and linoleum and each one of them has to be worked upon differently. A blend of water and cleaning solution is applied to the floor by moving the machine vertically. In case any area needs a little more treatment than the rest of the floor, we try moving the buffer on that patch until it matches the rest. Once the pads worn out or dirty, they are changed with a new one. The ground is again mopped to remove the solution off the floor.

We, at Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration, work according to the requirements of the customer. If you need a mirror like floor, we attach a polishing pad to give a glimmering appeal. Moreover, we even help with wax stripping on the floor. Wax stripping is durable. It does not need to be used whenever the floor is buffed. Also, it solely depends on the traffic that will walk across the room every day.

Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration is a family owned company that is running successfully for over 10 years now. Our dedication to use the trending techniques and efforts to satisfy each customer has bagged us tremendous expertise and knowledge. You can quickly get in touch with our team through telephone or send us your requirements through email. We will get back to you at the soonest with a free quote. If this is the first time you are using any of the polishing or restoration techniques, you can have a free demonstration from us.