Diamond Refinishing!

One of the common yet the most important processes, Diamond Refinishing is the best way to bring back the lost glaze of the flooring. Refinishing is often necessary if the processes of cleaning have not offered the glitter to your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or living room floor.

Most of the times, the floor is often etched either with scratches or acids. To remove such scrapes, it is the diamond refinishing process that can work at its best. Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration is the leading company that can help you make the dull looking floorgain its original glimmering state, no matter how old is your house or office. Though it is the toughest and most critical process of all, we are experts in carrying diamond refinishing.

The process of diamond refinishing is similar to that of sanding wood. In the sanding wood method, the wood is polished with a sand paper of low grit for surface refining and confiscating imperfections which leaves it smooth and untarnished. The diamond refinishing procedure is carried on similar lines. However, here we use abrasives such as epoxy resin impregnated with diamonds. It solely helps in eradicating the defects followed with a trail of grits to polish the surface. During the process, we use water, unlike wood polish, to avoid dust and mess in the living area.

The floor, at first, is cleaned with a cleanser and any traces of silicone are removed. Next, we wash the pressed steel, tile or cast iron with acid and the fiberglass fixtures are sanded to eradicate any mineral deposits. Any type of cracks or chips are filled in and ground out followed with masking process to shieldthe surrounding areas. At last, bonding agent is applied to the surface after which we process the diamond coating. The coating technology that we use in thediamond refinishingprocess is of the highest quality along with the bonding agent.

With diamond refinishing, the dull and the unattractive appearance is replaced with a bright and an appealing look. Over a period of time, the floor tends to lose its charm and charisma. The glazing floor turns out to look like a matte old floor. To bring back the originality, get the diamond refinishing process from us.

You can contact Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration anytime to get a free estimation. Simply contact us via phone or email and fill us in with details. We will quickly get back to you with an estimate to diamond refinishing your floor of home, office or hotel. Our charges completely fit in the window of your budget. With years of experience, we can simply look on to your floor and pick the process that can suffice your needs.

Moreover, after the diamond refinishing process, we help you with the maintenance tips and advices that you need to take care of. However, if you are unable to follow the perfect steps, we can even help you with post-treatment maintenance for the floor. We have a specialized team for each process and they can help you start to end by leaving no room for hesitation. With highest quality products, we guarantee to provide you the best job ever.