Natural Stone Diamond Refinishing

Diamond Refinishing!

Among the various processes used in the repair of floorings, one of the most common, yet important, is that of diamond finishing. It is a very effective way to bring back the shine of the floor, and is particularly necessary if cleaning processes have not yielded the required results.

Very often, the main issue faced by stone floor owners is the etching on the stone because of scratches or acidic liquids. To remove these, the diamond refinishing process can be very useful. Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration is the leading company to help you make your dull looking floor regain its original glimmering state, no matter how long it has been in use. Even though it is a tough and critical process, our experts can guarantee satisfactory results.

The process of diamond refinishing is similar to that of wood sanding. Sanding involves polishing wood with sand paper of low grit to remove all the imperfections, making the wood surface smooth and untarnished. On similar lines, the diamond refinishing method undertaken by our team at Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration uses abrasives, such as epoxy resin impregnated with diamonds. It helps in getting rid of the defects on the stone surface, polishing it to a high degree of smoothness. During this process, we also use water, which is a component not seen in the wood sanding process, to keep dust from spreading into the living area.

The floor is at first cleaned with a cleanser and any traces of silicone are removed. Next, we wash the pressed steel, tile or cast iron with acid, and the fiberglass fixtures are sanded to remove any mineral deposits. Any cracks or chips are filled in and ground out, followed by a masking process to shield the surrounding areas. Lastly, a bonding agent is applied to the surface, after which we process the diamond coating. The coating technology that we use is of the highest quality, and so is the bonding agent.

With diamond refinishing, the dull and unattractive appearance of the floor is replaced with a bright and appealing look. Over a period of time, any floor tends to lose its shine and develops a matte, old exterior. To bring back its original quality, get our help with the diamond refinishing process.

You can contact Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration anytime to get a free estimate of the overall process involved and the fee for our services. Just give us a call or drop us an email with your requirements, and we will get back to you promptly. We save you time by giving you a estimate in a short time – our years of experience have helped us develop the knack to determine the process needed with just a quick examination of the floor – as well as by running a very efficient refinishing process should you choose to work with us. Moreover, once the process is complete, we will help you with maintenance tips to prolong the life of your floor. We are, of course, around for any post-treatment maintenance work too. With the highest quality of products, we guarantee the best job your money can buy.