Natural Stone Hole Chip Repair

Hole/Chip Repair!

Advancements in technology have brought a lot of innovative methods to the market for taking care of holes, cracks or chips in floorings. All kinds of worktop, tile or stone issues can be fixed easily with the variety of processes offered by Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration, based on these innovations.

Hole or chip repair is often required when the floor in your office or home suffers from a chip at the corner of the worktop, crack during setting up any heavy device or piece of furniture, or damage when a heavy object falls to the ground. Our skilled and expert team uses resins with the latest technology that can fill in the chip or hole, and can repair the surface to look as good as new.

These holes and chips on the floor can also occur in the course of normal wear and tear. You can find this very commonly especially in sections that see heavy foot traffic, such as the area near the kitchen sink. New techniques developed to treat such issues can make the job very easy for an outfit like Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration, where we consider it an important part of our business to keep track of these trends.

Our processes involve a number of steps to rectify issues related to holes and chips. One of them is to use epoxy, polyester or filler with cement base. Another is to add hues to the filler that can match the style of the stone or tile that needs repairing. The fillers are properly leveled with the surface of the floor. The area is smoothened and restored in a way that no one can pick out the worked on area later. The most important part of the entire process is blending of the newly added filler with the original stone. The process needs a lot of care, and, being the industry leader that our team at Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration is, no one can do it more effortlessly than us.

Some of the issues that our team can quickly and effectively fix are repairing of the chips that often appear at the ends of tiles and worktops, filling holes that can be seen commonly in travertine floors, and repairing the scratches and scuff marks seen on the floor and other surfaces because of friction against a heavy object.

No matter what the hole/chip repair issue is or how great its intensity, Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration can definitely help you with it. Our team’s experience also means that we can do it in the shortest possible time, leaving no room for complaint. Give us a call or email us and let us take care of such issues for you. Once you have informed us of your requirements, we will get back to you with the solution and our quote for the services involved. We would also be happy to provide a free demonstration of our services that will convince you of the dedication and hard work our team puts into every project we undertake.