A process that is required while refurnishing each type of floor, honing brings the original polish to your floor. It is a procedure where particles of diamond or silicon carbide are rubbed to confiscate small particles of residual stone available over the surface. The ingrained soil and etches are removed in the process to smoothen the surface of the floor. It can be called as one of the most important processes during the finishing of floors.

The result that Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration offers is something that you will fall in love with. It is often seen that the stone floor wears out after a stipulated period of time. With furniture scratches, foot traffic and spilling marks that cause etching, the stone floor starts looking dull and it gets increasingly difficult to keep it toned and consumed with beauty. However, we can help you in getting the old glamour of the floor, no matter how old it is.

But you may ask why it is necessary to carry out the honing process over a stoned floor? Each house, office, hotel room, hotel reception area or any type of living area looks stunningly beautiful if it has a polished floor. Matte floor is liked by all but it does not provide as brightness and shimmering effect as a genteel floor gives. Also, hotels that have many people walking in and out each minute through the marble floor presses the dust and dirt that is stuck to the shoes inside the marble with the body weight of the person. This, unknowingly, etches the surface after few years and hence, 99 percent of the floors prefer honed floorings as it literally makes the base less prone to etches from foot traffic or acid spills. Also, a smooth base will easily remove the regular long cleaning process. With honing, you are actually confiscating any type of taxing maintenance that you will need in future while still procuring a beautiful and well-toned marble surface.

Honing is needed if the marble base has watermarks, scratches, ware signs or stains. It is a final finishing process where the surface is operated with abrasive pads or stones and a wheatstone is used to sharpen the base. Honing does not offer you the regular extra glazing and mirror like feel but definitely gives you a muted yet smooth surface.

You can contact Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration to find out more about the honing process. We can offer you free demonstration and show you how our services can help you suffice the exact requirements. Moreover, you can even ask for a free quote for any of your polishing or restoration work. A company that is leading the industry for over ten years now, Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration is the best option for you if you are choosing a skilled, an expert and an affordable company for polishing or restoring your residential or commercial floorings.

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