Stain Removal!

The first thing that you need to always check about the stain is its chemical composition. Practically, there is no actual solution that can completely wash out the stain from the marble flooring or any other type of flooring. However, you can find a number of techniques treating the stains with a number of techniques. A few of them involve cleaning chemicals, bleaching agents, solvents, strong chemical treatments and poultices. When you use them, they can make a permanent damage to the floor. Hence, to avoid piling up the issue, it is best if you call a skilled and an expert team from Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoring organization for the stain removal process and make your flooring look flawless.

Some of the things that can create a bad stain on the floor are oil stains, metal stains, organic stains, water spots, ink stains, etch marks, smoke stains and efflorescence. Stains usually happen due to wine spilled on the floor and remained for a longer period of time, the legs of metallic furniture, staying of rusted nails and screens, constant leaking of hand soaps on the floor and urine spills. Most of the stains competed etch the portion of the marble. They soak in the holes and pores leaving a dark stained patch over it. This is often the case in hotels and houses. We at Marble Pro’sPolishing & Restoring always use polishing powders and honing pads to buff away the etches.

There is a wear layer that coats the stain always. It cannot be treated in a day. It takes a minimum of 3 to 4 days’ efforts if you want your floor to be crystal clear. Most of the times, during the stain removal process, the patched surface when cleaned looks better than the rest of the floor. Hence, it must be properly washed so that there is no such unmatched flooring to your room.

We look upon the type of stain, its intensity and the floor. For instance, if you have terrazzo flooring, we use hydrogen peroxide as it is an industrial strength and works wonders for the ground. We lighten the stain by spreading the product overnight and all day long. The floor is treated every day until the stain is completely disappeared. During the process, we do not allow the area to go dry. Once the floor is clean, we treat the grits properly and restore the floor like the original. We even help you with the post-treatment maintenance tips.

For any more information regarding any type of flooring issue such as its polishing or restoration, give us a call or email us. We, at Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration, is leading the industry for over 10 years now. The team that we have built is efficient and skilled in providing top-notch services. The testimonials mentioned on the website can give you a fair idea the dedication and efforts we put in to satisfy each of our customers.

Providing quality services and a scoring 100% in customer satisfaction is the only aim of our each project.