Residential Bathrooms


Granite and marble are unusual and striking stones that beautifully transform the appearance of any bathroom, giving it a regal look. Limestone and onyx are other stones that are often used in bathrooms.

Have you thought about how much traffic an average bathroom sees every day? The continuous use of cleansers, soaps and several other chemically enhanced products not only covers the bathroom surface with a waxy layer, but also affects the stone that the surfaces are made of at a fundamental level. Mouthwashes that include alcohol, globs of toothpaste, colognes, hairspray, contact lens solutions, and perfumes – your bathroom floor bears so much, with each of these having a gradual corrosive effect on the floor surface. The stone gets etched when it comes in contact with each of these solutions.

After some time, it is natural that the stone gets stained and loses its sheen. The only way to get back the original brightness of the floor is the use of professional services, which include diamond grinding, honing and powder polishing. Marble Pro’s Polishing and Restoration is the foremost company for the maintenance and refurbishment of bathroom floors in the Palm Beach area, and excels at these services.

We have some quick tricks that will help you maintain the beauty of your bathroom. Use these simple steps to keep your bathroom floor and surfaces attractive for a longer period.

    • Place napkins near your sink, maybe under the glass.
    • Wipe dry the ledge and areas around the sink after use.
    • Place all your cosmetic products in a plate or wicker bin, and never leave them for long on the stone surface.
    • Wash out the shower divider and floor after use and press them dry. This prevents the dirt from depositing and accumulating.
    • Contact Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration for any type of maintenance, polishing or cleaning needs.