Residential Bedrooms


A bedroom mirrors the personality of its owner. It is the sanctuary to which you retire after a tiring day for rejuvenation. The more elegant the bedroom décor is, the more peace it brings to you during the hours you spend there.

A bedroom floor made of stone is not just a statement of elegance, but it also has a soothing effect on you. Stone of superior texture can calm you down and refresh you well enough to be ready to face the world outside.

Despite being a low traffic zone, the bedroom floor is exposed to several hazards too. Accidental spilling of food or drink, dropping of cosmetic products, dirt brought in by children and pets – all can result in stains and etches on your beautiful marble, travertine or limestone floors. These are not just unsightly, but have a gradual corrosive effect on the structure of the stone.

By polishing and sealing the stone regularly, it is possible to maintain your bedroom floor’s original sheen for a long time. Call Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration for all your stone floor maintenance and restoration services. We undertake all types of polishing and sealing work, for all varieties of natural stone floors. We also provide useful tips customized to the type of floor in your bedroom so that you can easily handle its basic maintenance on your own.