Residential Dining Rooms

Dining Rooms

The cleanliness of your dining area is a reflection of the overall care you accord to your home. A magnificent feast laid on the dining table loses all its beauty if the walls or the floor of the room are not spotless and shining. Especially for your guests, the sitting and the dining areas are probably the only parts of your home that they get to see properly, and the image that these rooms create on them is the image of your entire home they carry away.

Stone floors – marble, limestone, granite, and travertine – offer a classy look to your dining room, but the hazards these natural stones regularly face here also make it difficult to maintain their cleanliness. Heavy foot traffic, spilling of solid and liquid food items, scraping of furniture, all produce stains and etches on the stone surface, gradually dulling the appearance and causing long term damage, unless, of course, you regularly clean and repair the stone floor using professional services.

For the best professional services for maintenance and refurbishment of stone floors, contact Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration. Our experience, built over more than a decade of serving many satisfied customers, guarantees the restoration of the lost glamour of your dining and lounge areas.