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Slate is made chiefly from mica and quartz grains and some measure of hematite, chlorite and some different minerals. Generally slate is dark or dark in shading; be that as it may, the stone could be purple or red, taking into account its mineral substance.

One of the most seasoned actually framed materials, slate is utilized immeasurably as a part of the building business. Since it is tough and weatherproof, it is significantly utilized for flagstones and material. Slate is utilized for trimming the anterooms and fronts of structures alongside ground surface, kitchen ledges and material. Slates are ideal for most sorts of inside and in addition outside applications.

It is used in a variety of applications such as building floorings, roofs, stairs, wall cladding and walkways. The durability of these tiles can easily be increased with a smooth coating of sealants and agents. However, with subject to rain, the floor can turn slippery.

Dating back the use of slate, you can find that due to its water resistant nature, it was used as a moisture-proof membrane at the exterior walls. You can also find a combination of other materials with slate for altogether different flooring that can give a novice look to your floor.

Quartzite is produced using grains of quartz that is established together with silica. Quartz is a minimized and a firm stone and has a body that is harder and strong than marble. It comes in diverse shades of grays and silver, and has spots of quartz, which loans it radiance.


Essentially Quartzite is utilized as a part of for deck (insides and outsides) because of its solidness. Alongside ground surface, it is additionally utilized for material, divider cladding and different other outside and inside purposes.


For any of the areas at your home or office, you can work with the slate/quartz floorings. Nothing can come close to the shimmer and beauty as close as slate or quartz. You can find some stunning designs and patters for the same that can add to the glow of your room. Moreover, with years of experience, Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration can give you an entire new and trendy look to the floorings.


We take pride in offering the best services for providing world class techniques to brighten the future of your room’s floor. There are a number of slate and quartz bases from which you can choose one that best suits your interest such as multi-color slate, gold country slate, oriental charm slate, rose quartz, gold strike quartz, black slate, blue slate, gray slate and many more. Each type of slate or quartz depends upon the color and material that you would like.


Our team at Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration can help you with a range of polishing and restoration techniques. No matter how old is your flooring from any of the surfaces mentioned above, we can help you with perfect reliability. Our team is skilled and specialists in cleaning, polishing and sealing any of the surfaces to give the glow the room has not seen over a period of time.

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