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Terrazzo Restoration & Sealing

Terrazzo is a special type of flooring that is made up with the help of cement binder and marble dust or chips. The traces of marble in the floor simply represents that there are chances of the floor to be etched with constant usage of acids or acidic liquids. To avoid dulling the floor with such harmful chemicals, you need to seal it with a perfect sealer that can protect it for a longer period of time. The sealer works as a shield for avoiding the base to lose its charm over a period of time. Hence, the process of terrazzo sealing is an important one.


The sealing of the terrazzo floor is a debatable issue for over years as most of the people think that is durability and inexpensive nature makes it annulled to the sealing process. Terrazzo tile or ground is a blend of Portland cement and granules of marble that are blended together. Most of the floor looks to be made up of marble as during the making process, marble chips are speckled over the surface. The portion of marble is not addicted to absorbing; however, the cement binder is very permeable and can captivate the stains over the floor extremely easily. This is that area of the flooring that makes the worst out of you and brings a lot of grief to your pocket.


Initially, there was no sealing process involved with the terrazzo floor. However, with the upcoming techniques and an importance to dignify the look of the house, business or any other room where terrazzo floor are used, the owners make sure that even terrazzo floor can give a shimmering feel. Hence, if you are from the ones who have recently installed Terrazzo floors, allow Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration team to carry out the terrazzo sealing procedure for better durability.


During the process, we use a penetrating sealant that is licensed and approved specifically for the floors of Terrazzo. The concrete pores soak in the sealant and decrease the intensity to absorb any stains or harmful chemicals; thus, keeping the quality of the ground intact. Moreover, it is best sealed with a surface sealer, tropical sealer or sacrificial wax combined with penetrating sealer. The floors can also be treated with a polishing system that is typically based with a diamond pad.


Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration team allows the sealer to dry with the room temperature and blend in with the atmospheric conditions. You may not take more than an hour or 90 minutes for it to dry after application. However, if you wish to expose it to a full traffic, allow it to cure for no lesser than 24 hours otherwise the efforts and the money spent will all go in vain. The binding of terrazzo floor with resin base takes more time to dry than the usual concrete based.


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