Terrazzo Sealing

Terrazzo Restoration & Sealing

Terrazzo is a special type of flooring, made up with the help of cement binder and marble dust or chips. The traces of marble in the terrazzo floor mean that there is always a chance of the floor to be etched over a long period of use, as it is likely to come in contact with acidic liquids. To avoid dulling of the floor surface because of harmful chemicals, you need to seal it with a perfect sealer that can protect it for a long period of time. The sealer works as a shield and does not allow corrosive substances to come in direct contact with the stone. Hence, the process of terrazzo sealing is an important one.

Sealing of terrazzo floors has been a much-debated issue for many years, as most people think that the stone’s durability and inexpensive nature make the sealing process unnecessary. Terrazzo tiles or ground is a blend of Portland cement and granules of marble that are blended together. Any floor made of terrazzo looks very stable because of the marble chips spread over the surface. Indeed, the marble portion of the floor is relatively resistant to absorption of dirt and to corrosion. But it is the cement binder that is very permeable and can retain any stains over the floor extremely easily. This is the portion of the flooring that makes your terrazzo floor susceptible to damage and can cost a fair penny if not cared for properly.

Earlier, there was no sealing process available for terrazzo floors. But with the development of new techniques, driven by the increasing realization that a clean, shining floor adds so much value to your home or office, sealing has become quite common now.

So, if you are a proud owner of a brand new terrazzo floor, allow Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration’s team to carry out the terrazzo sealing procedure for better durability.

During the process, we use a penetrating sealer that is licensed and approved specifically for terrazzo floorings. The concrete pores in the floor soak in the sealer and the likelihood of any stains or harmful chemicals being absorbed comes down significantly, thus keeping the floor healthy. Moreover, we use a combination of a surface sealer, a tropical sealer or sacrificial wax with penetrating sealer for best possible results. The floor is then treated with a polishing system that typically uses a diamond encrusted pad for the final touch.

The team from Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration allows the sealer to dry at room temperature and blend in with atmospheric conditions. It would not take more than an hour or 90 minutes to dry up completely after application. However, if you really want it to be ready for heavy foot traffic, allow it to stay undisturbed for at least 24 hours. The binding of terrazzo floor with resin base takes more time to dry than the usual concrete base.

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