Tile & Grout Cleaning!

Any tile at business or office needs regular maintenance either through cleaning or any other alternative to make it look exactly the way it was when installed. Cleaning of tile and grout is a very easy and simple process. It is not the tile but the grout that is making it look dull and worn out. Grout is a form of dirt, bacteria, grime and porous. It can easily be stuck in the gaps of the tiles. If the grout attracts gray or dirty grout, even the most posh tile can lose its charm and charisma to look completely unattractive and dull.

Our team at Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration has seen some of the worst cases across the city where the owners were banking on the fact to change the entire area of tiles and re-tile it. However, as we are expert in the areas for over 10 years, we knew that it is the grout that is developed for the tiles and hence, with just re-grouting the entire problem will be solved. And we did it. The results post-process were absolutely fantastic and with a fraction of money, the original tile look was brought to existence. Such processes for tile & grout is available with bathroom floors, kitchen tops, entrance areas, countertops of showers and similar other places where the floor is tiled with porcelain or ceramic.

Grout is a type of material that is susceptible to stains. In areas where there is high amount of water in the air that gives moisture or high humidity, you can find grout growing bacteria and mildew on such tiles. Even you must have seen a reddish-pink coat that has been formed on your floor of bathroom. Such bacteria are mostly can be found in showers and are known as SerratiaMarcescens.

With the fast life, it is difficult to clean tiled area every day. Hence, we are here for you to carry out the process. With just few steps the tile & grout cleaning can be perfectly done and you can give the shimmering glaze that your tiles always wanted to have for over so many years.

Our experts at Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration targets the stains and spots and try removing it with a cleaning technique that can best suit the surface. We use high-pressure methods that can remove the ground-in dirt, soil and grime completely. The corners and baseboards are perfectly wiped and cleaned so that no traces of dust or crumbs are found. Once the entire cleaning process is carried, we dry it and seal the lines of grout so that there is no accumulation of dirt on the renovated tiles.

Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration is a family owned business. You can rely on us with the quality and high-end techniques that we use for the floorings of our customers. We help you understand the process that your tile will experience from start to end. Once you give us a positive nod, we will get on to it and give a top-notch result.