Grout Cleaning & Sealing

It is really messy and impossible for cleaning the tiles with hands. The results that we need after a deep cleaning process are simply unattainable. Hence, at such times, it is necessary to get a professional help. The only reason in cleaning the tile grout floor adds to your grief is because it consumes grime, dirt, spills as it is a porous material. This makes the surface to lose color and hence, you it gives you a dull and a gloomy appearance.

Most of the people try for spot cleaning or regular mopping. However, that does not clean the tile completely. The dirt remains still hidden in the pores of the lines that your tile grout has. However, the team at Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration brings back the luster and makes the floor look novice. As we have the latest techniques and the expertise that can turn the oldest and most dull looking floor into a new one, the results are far better than what you could find with the regular intensive cleaning.

The process of cleaning & sealing begins with examination of your floor. We, at first, review the ground and determine the techniques to involve for determining the best methods and agents. We discuss with you the complete process to make you understand the processes that the tile grout will go through. Once you give us a nod, we start the process by yielding a high-pressure vacuum and water combination to confiscate the dust and dirt that has made the tiles their home. The pores are deeply cleaned leaving no sign of grime within it. This is a highly effective and the most basic step to deep clean the entire floor.

Now as the tile grout is cleaned, we move to the next process which is sealing. Sealing involves a sealant that acts as a finishing coat to protect the tile. It actually protects the floor and captures the sheen and luster for a longer period of time. The sealant is made to lance through the surface of the grout that becomes a shielding barrier from the permanent spills or stains that can damage the surface. This also warrants any future cleanings of tile and grout to bring out the best results. The sealant offered by Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration is one of its kinds. It gives uniformity to the floor and ensures that even the best chemical would not discolor the tile.

Our team takes an hour or less to complete a room that is as big as 300 square feet. The time required to complete the entire process depends on the amount of dirt in the tile and the size of the room. We strictly allow the sealant to dry for 30 minutes in natural conditions. Nevertheless, for best results, leave it for a minimum of 24 hours to dry. This ends the short but important cleaning & sealing process for tiles of your room.

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