Grout Repair: Re-Grouting!

Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration team will often ask you to choose the re-groutingprocess over re-tiling because the appearance after re-grouting the tile can be notably perceived and the cost reduces to just a fraction of what you must have been paying off for retiling. The sole reason for this choice is that the tile is not responsible for nullifying the appealing appearance but it is the discolored grout that makes it look ugly.

In the re-grouting method, the specialist of Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration uses a mechanical tool that is specifically designed for this process. He will confiscate the grout that is present at the edges of the tile to not lesser than 3 to 4 mm. This is the first step towards this process. Hence, we do not leave a single hint of hesitation in performing this step as it will greatly help in the final result. The tiled area where the grouts are removed is completely cleaned and vacuumed. An anti-mold agent is coated as a new grout over that area. This additive helps in shielding the space from any type of fungi, bacterial activities and typically offers aid in showers and bathrooms which are high-humidity areas. The molds that we choose do not wear off or wash away. Hence, they continue to shield throughout the life of the tiled area. At last, our team seals the re-grouted areas to increase the durability of the newly applied grout. In the stain guarding or the sealing process, the technicians apply a pungent sealant that can help you to maintain the area easily.

You can take the assistance of Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration team of re-grouting for tiled areas such as showers, splash-backs of kitchen, bathrooms, balconies, floors, patios, fireplace and hearths.

There are a number of benefits for re-grouting. It makes the tiles of your office or home look new and fit exclusively in your budget. You can have the job done in a day or two instead of multiple workers such as the plumbers and the tradesmen giving multiple visits. Instead of a complete renovation, you can curtail down the time and get the best look back as a simple make-over is as good as having a new look!

Re-grouting is literally a ‘green’ result as there is no emission of carbon that usually happens during the process of tile replacement. If you are selling the property, this will surely save the hole to the pocket that could have made by the entire replacement of tiles.

As Marble Pro’s Polishing & Restoration is leading the industry for over a decade now, we can bank on the fact that the services provided by us are world class and the best equipment are used in each project we take. You can give us a call on the mentioned telephone numbers or email us with your requirements; our best team will get back to you at the soonest with a free quote and the necessary methods to bring back the original look of your floorings.