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Travertine and Saturnia

Travertine (and “Saturnia,” AKA Cross-Cut Travertine)
“Marble Pro's Polishing & Restoration is a marble cleansing organization that has been “Cleaning” and polishing Travertine as well as other natural stone surfaces across southeast Florida for about 20 years. Travertine invariably requires commercial needs cleaning Terrazzo invariably needs professional cleansing as they can weather away causing irredeemable damage if not appropriately preserved.”

A Mellow and Simple Natural Stone
Travertine is a commonly found natural stone in various houses and properties across the globe. It is a friendly and welcoming material that has bland colors (earth tones) and matches with any homes’ theme. Certain people opt for the traditional appearance of a polished travertine while many choose a natural look in a sharpened or dull’-finish.

Travertine natural stone is a form of Limestone.
Travertine is generally formed by mineral-packed hot springs. Gas bubbles are confined in the core of the material generating a bumpy surface on the stone. These can occur in the form of cavities or inlets, which can be covered with various materials to present a strong appearance. This appearance is less susceptible to instant soil formation. A packed travertine is typically found in houses whereas the unpacked state is discovered in courtyards and pool-decks (for higher traction).

Overall, Travertine consists of a propensity to endure dirt making it difficult to maintain. All the small cavities and pores occupy sand, dirt and fluids. Hence it becomes essential to have timely marble polishing done in order to cleanse and maintain the stone. Get in touch Marble Pro's Polishing & Restoration. for your free estimate. Alternatively, you can drop us an email regarding the same.

Furthermore, travertine is a calcareous stone that is highly responsive to acid and alcohol-based fluids which are generally found in household product like alcohol & wine, citric acid, vinegar as well as other cleansing products. These acids generate incision-marks (commonly referred to as “water-marks”) and cause dull impressions, specks and loops on the stone’s surface.

Is it possible to remove stains?
What may seem like “stains” are in fact incision-marks. However occasionally you may come across adamant patches inside the stone which are stains. Most stains are removed using “do it yourself” treatments which are typically called as a “Poultice.” On certain occasions, they can be removed with the help of a marble polishing mixture. If you are experiencing any of these problems, consider hiring a professional.

Travertine’s resemblance to limestone brings a change in its solidness, thickness and porosity. Few natural stones are found to be harder than others. In spite of Travertine being a stone, it is basically a smooth material. Once you start using it, you may leave scratch and drag marks on the surface. Several every day “wear-and-tear” kind of scratches may be sharpened or polished away with commercial services just like diamond grating. The rest of the time, the tiles may be exchanged as per the intensity of the loss.

What else is Travertine used for?
Travertine being a stone that is cut in various volumes including small mosaic squares, 36″ long tiles and huge slabs. It is utilized for various designer items walls, kitchen backsplashes, vanities, countertops, sinks, floors, mosaics, columns, statues, fireplace and tub surrounds as well as end tables.

In spite of it sensitivity to incision, blemishes and scratches, travertine is preferred for kitchen countertops, bars and bathroom vanities. Find out more about the appropriate stone for your kitchen and bathroom-areas that can match your lifestyle.

Types of Finishes
A honed-finish is the most favoured finish for travertine, as it is matt. This finish appears highly natural and matches well with this type stone. Incision marks are smoothly veiled with this finish whereas a honed-finish can generate a light and natural shine if you wish.

A polished-finish is also possible with this stone. Many hotel and condominium lobbies, as well a private residences use this finish for its reflectivity. It tends to open up a room and brighten it as well, when there is nearby natural light. The downside is that scratches and etch-marks are very visible with this sheen, and it definitely requires more professional up-keep.

At Marble Pro's Polishing & Restoration. we intend to offer extensive knowledge to our consumers in their natural stone. We can help you with directive routine cleaning products and techniques and professional maintenance.

Few of our services for travertine and other natural stones include, polishing, cleansing, sharpening, servicing, restoration and fastening.
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