What is Marble?

Is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite.

Marble stone will give a luxurious and beautiful appearance to any residential & commercial property. Here at Marble Pros we do recognize that the installation of Marble stone can be expensive and it is why the preservation of such stone is very important, and it is as well why we always stress the restoration process on it to preserve the longevity of your precious stone. Each project is always different which is why it is very important to have licensed professionals do the job to assure high quality work. Over time marble will start losing its natural shine and will start looking faded/dull and that is when we suggest to have the stone fully restore and then re-touch at least every three to six months to preserve the shine and protection.

Importance of Marble Cleaning

Natural stones such as Marble can last a life time if well kept. If it is not well maintained it can cause irreparable damages and even destruction of the stone. Therefore, daily basis cleaning with none acidic agents can help the longevity of your stone. Here at Marble Pros we utilize safe and Eco friendly products during the restoration process to assure a safe environment and good care of the stone and total clientele satisfaction.

Treating natural stones

At Marble Pros, we specialize on all types of natural stone restoration with over 15 years of experience working in the Tri-county area. We guarantee your stone will look great.

Natural stone restoration process

Marble Pros, utilizes top of the line equipment to perform the job at hand. The first step is to capture the layout of the furniture to make sure it gets put back the way it was. Follow by moving around furniture such as (Sofas, coffee tables, dining tables, chairs) furniture that requires disassembling will not be move. After moving the furniture, they will start wrapping basically, the technicians will cover the baseboards, cabinets etc.… for protection.

First step of restoration consists of Diamond cutting the stone to remove scratches depending on the condition of the floor there are different grits of diamonds we use on our machines it usually starts with 200/400/600/800 grit.

Second step is to polish which is the steps where the technicians will biff the floor to brings out the natural shine to the stone

Third step is the sealer which is an extra layer of protection to prevent things like acidic agents’ from penetrating the floor. Please keep in mind the sealer is barricade against stains which keeps moisture from penetrating.

Also, there is a step call the crystallization which basically enhances the  level of sheen to the stone for those who like a mirror effect.