Pavers, Bricks, Driveway

Pavers are made out of natural clay that can be found in soil and if well taken care of they can last a lifetime. Pavers and brick pavers are a great investment for any residential or commercial areas.  In many occasions paver don’t have any pigments which provides a natural look and to take care of them we always suggest our clients a good cleaning and sealing of the pavers. Restoring and sealing your pavers will always keep your pavers in good shape.  Sealing your pavers is the best option to protect them from bird droppings, stains, rust, paint and other natural damages that may occur with time. Pavers restoration consists of thoroughly cleaning them with a heavy-duty formula that will prepare the surface for the sealer. We will also remove any stains such as rust, paint, or grease and once the pavers are cleaned the technicians will proceed with sealing them to protect them from grease, rust, paint, dirt and grime.